Jennifer Aniston may be known for her perfect “Rachel cut” from the hit TV sitcom, “Friends” but in real life, her hair is way wavier.

She took to Instagram to share two makeup-free selfies in a post that shows her hair, with “300 personalities”.

She also gave a shout-out to her hair brand, LolaVie, something she firmly believes in herself.

The “Murder Mystery” stat began 2022 with a little montage of little snippets from 2021, with adorable pictures of her dogs.

She also showed off her various co-stars and friends, along with showing off some LolaVie products.

But it was her high leg raise in leotards that caught the attention of her fans, who could not believe the 52-year-old could do a split.

Aniston’s beachy waves in her recent selfie also got her many admiring comments from fans and friends alike.

Fans were “here” for her “bedhead hair”, and the fact that she looked stunning even with minimal make-up.

Aniston’s haircare products also garnered praise with many Instagram users commenting how LolaVie seemed to love curls.