On her page, Jenna Johnson introduced her son to the world with a complete picture of him one month after his birth.

Initially, she had kept his face from social media except for a few glimpses of his body.

She also shared his name, Rome Valentin Chmerkovskiy, and gushed about how completely infatuated she was with him.

The picture showed the tiny tot laying on a white blanket dressed in a burnt orange set of long-sleeve cardigan and pants over a white shirt.

He clenched his little fists and had a smile on his face while keeping his eyes closed.

The star and her husband, Val Chmerkovskiy, had previously announced his birth in a joint Instagram post.

The black and white picture showed the proud father cradling his wife’s hands while their son held her thumb.

The dancer posted a picture of her beau smiling down at their baby three weeks after his birth as she noted that they were the loves of her life

She also mentioned how the choreographer made her feel beautiful while carrying their baby.