Jeff Bezos has sent Leonardo DiCaprio a very strong message.

Over the weekend, Bezos, his girlfriend and Leo attended the Art Gala in Los Angeles, California.

An embarrassing video of Bezos’ girlfriend has gone viral, and the Amazon founder is blaming it on Leo.

The video clip shows Bezos’ girlfriend, Lauren Sánchez, losing her mind over Leo.

She is clearly trying her hardest to flirt with the Academy Award winner all while Bezos watches from the sidelines.

Lauren even reached for Leo when he starts to walk away and Bezos doesn’t do a thing to stop her.

Bezos took to Twitter on Monday, November 8, and sent a very blunt message to Leo.

He posted a photo of himself behind a sign that read, “DANGER! STEEP CLIFF FATAL DROP.”

Bezos captioned the tweet, “Leo, come over here, I want to show you something…@LeoDiCaprio.”