Today, social media applications or platforms have become the order of the day, as users use it for many things including entertainment.

Speaking of entertainment, Jamie Lee Curtis believes that limiting one’s self when it comes to social media is a necessary tool to combat the ‘disease.’

Curtis is a renowned actress who has over three million followers on Instagram, yet she does not let that fact sway her, as she often sets limits for herself, regarding usage.

The actress noted that she mainly uses social media to sell things, and attend to important aspects of her life. Aside from this, she says she has no need for social media.

Curtis explained that the physical, mental and emotional capabilities of young people are in great danger because of social media.

Another reason why Curtis pays no attention to the need to be on social media is because she believes it promotes living fake lives for others to see and praise.

She also mentioned that young people online now see the need to change aspects of their lives to suit a certain narrative that is not healthy for them in the long run.

Curtis once had a major health scare, that almost turned her world upside down. Her doctors found a lump on her breast, which was later reported benign.

Aside from Curtis, another popular star, Selena Gomez, who has been through the darkest moments online mentioned that spending too much time on the internet is bad for the upcoming generation.