Pressures now mount on Spotify to pull Kanye West’s music as top brands like Adidas drop the anti-Semitic rapper.

Spotify insists they have no plans to remove West’s music from the platform.

The CEO, Daniel Ek, attacked his comments but noted that he didn’t publish it on Spotify.

Ek also noted that it was up to Ye’s record label to “take action” concerning his music or not.

It wasn’t the first time the streaming company has refused to punish artists for their controversies.

In 2018, Spotify pulled R Kelly’s music off their platform following his sexual misconduct accusations.

They reversed their decision following threats from celebs to boycott the app and provided a mute option instead.

The DONDA sports president Antonio Brown tweeted in favor of West’s anti-Semitic views.

His tweet came after Aaron Donald and Jaylen Brown from the LA Rams and Boston Celtics revealed that they were leaving Donda Sports.