Jameela Jamil publicly addressed the "Nepo Babies" topic on her Instagram Story.

She noted that she is empathetic to the hardworking talents but stands by the fact that there needs to be some accountability on their part.

The British actress expressed that "Nepo Babies" would only get their footing in the industry if they faced the topic head on.

She urged them to acknowledge their luck and move on.

However, Jamie Lee Curtis had an opposing view on the subject matter even though she has affluent parents.

The "Halloween" actress thinks the conversation has the power to hurt people's careers and hard work.

Curtis said it is ignorant to assume that parents' affluence will sustain an offspring's career.

Kate Hudson, another Nepo Baby is not feeding into the conversation.

She ascertained that family name or connection has never mattered to her, only a person’s value.