Jake Paul and his girlfriend of nearly three years, Julia Rose, have called it quits.

Last week, Paul tweeted "Alexa, play ‘I’m Single’ by Jake Paul."

The tweet was enough to cause speculation about their split.

According to sources, the YouTuber turned boxer has been telling friends that he and Rose are done.

Although, Paul is “devastated.”

The sources also noted that Paul has “moved on with other girls" but that "still in his heart she was the one."

The insiders added that Paul “would like to get back together with her and maybe they will, but they both need to slow down their lives.”

Paul and Rose have been dating on and off since 2020.

In a past interview, Paul explained his instant feelings for Rose: “I told her I loved her the first day that we met. I’ve never done that ever. I don’t love people like that.”