Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been facing off in court since late April.

Over the past two weeks, fans of JD and/or AH have heard wild testimonies from both actors, audio recordings, photos and videos.

There have been MANY TikToks, Instagram memes and GIFs made up of clips from the courtroom.

A popular TikTok/video clip that keeps circulating is of Depp’s interactions with his legal team.

More specifically, his touchy/feely interactions with his female attorney, Camilla Vasquez.

Many believe there might be something more going on between Depp and his female attorney, Camille Vasquez.

According to an exclusive report from TMZ, there’s nothing going on between the two.

Sources told the outlet; they are definitely not dating despite what social media is theorizing.

Sources continued to explain that “everyone on the legal team is buttoned up, but they’ve all gotten very close to their client. It’s become both a professional relationship and a friendship.”