Jessie James Decker took to Instagram and shared a lovely photo of her family.

In the caption, she opened up about her thoughts on having baby no. 4 with husband Eric Decker.

She wrote: “I’ve been extra lovey lately and having the big question mark of 'is this the end of our baby creating? Are we done?’"

Decker continued: “I’m so content and full with joy with our 3 but I do go through ups and downs of not being sure at this moment to make it final."

She added: “I was a total NO up until recently. The kids have been asking for a baby sister.  It’s a battle and heavy on my mind lately.”

The country pop singer mentioned several big factors why she decided against having another child, such as “ hospital stuff,” “getting sick,” “and having my 3 others to care for etc is a big factor.”

Decker added: “But like I said, I’m just going thru all of the emotions right now. Maybe not right now? Maybe in a few years? Maybe it will pass? Anyone else here ? Need to pray on it.”

Decker is already a mom to Vivianne Rose, 7, Eric, 6, and Forrest, 3.

She has been married to former football star since 2013.