Well, here’s something you don’t read every day.

Jack Harlow could be Drake’s son, Adonis, from the future… at least according to one Facebook conspiracy theorist.

Yes, this is indeed something being talked about on the world wide web.

A Facebook user by the profile name “Von Shiesty” posted an insane conspiracy theory about Drake, Harlow and Adonis.

On May 8, Shiesty wrote, “‘Ight so I got a theory hear me out. 💯💯 Why the hell is Jack Harlow so close to this man Drake? It could only mean two things.”

His post continued, “One, they gay asf, two this man Jack is Adonis from the future‼️‼️‼️”

They argued, “Something must’ve happened to Drake in the future so Adonis A.K.A. JACK HARLOW came to the present to save his dad’s life.”

Clearly, it’s all just speculation and completely false.

But Adonis and Harlow do both have curly hair… guess that’s where the theory stemmed from?