Ireland Baldwin says paparazzi and reporters ruined her Halloween.

She took to Instagram to post a photo of bloodied Halloween costume.

The entire Baldwin family has been under fire recently for the death of Halyna Hutchins.

Last month, the actor accidentally shot and killed the director of cinematography.

Ireland captioned her social media post, “So we stayed in for Halloween this year.”

“There are reporters and paparazzi hanging out all over my street being super fun and invading all my privacy which is always a good time.”

Instead of trick-or-treating, she ate food, drank tequila and had some friends over.

Last month, Ireland showed support for her father on social media after the tragedy.

“My love and support go to Halnya Hutchins’ family and friends. Sending healing thoughts to Joel Souza. And wishing I could hug my dad extra tight today.”