Ireland Basinger Baldwin has had a very busy Monday, at least on Instagram.

The daughter of Kim Basinger and embattled actor Alec Baldwin, Ireland seems to have found love and stability.

She is currently dating RAC, as in Portland-based Portuguese-American musician and record producer, André Allen Anjos, and has never been happier.

She wished him a happy birthday less than a week earlier, thanking him for making her lover herself.

She’s also been busy at work and just finished a screenplay, something that made mama Kim gush on Instagram about how proud she was of Ireland.

But the cutest bit on her Instagram page was her Manic photo dump of pictures and videos that incidentally happened on Monday.

Other than pretty pictures and a TikTok video of her munching a pickle, there was also a video of ramen being knitted over a bowl.

what blew the fans away was her crotch dance video at the end, where she put on a filer of a “man” and danced away, rapper style, with a straight face.

Fans and friends loved her comic timing, wishing she would star in the movies simply because she is so entertaining.