Ice-T Says He Enjoys Coco’s Breast milk As Much As His 5-Year-Old Daughter

He recently went off on a fan who took aim at his wife.

The ‘Law & Order’ actor took to social media on Wednesday, August 4, to defend his family's breastfeeding habits and revealed that he partakes as well.

“News flash! We feed Chanel [their daughter] FOOD… She just likes to suck moms b**b every now and then… Me Too!!!”  Ice-T tweeted.

Coco got candid about why she continues to nurse Chanel on occasion in recent interview with US Weekly.

"It’s a big bonding moment for a mother and your child.”

The article caused people to reach out to the star.

"Why the F are you worried about MY Child??? That’s what’s weird.. Now go back in the basement,"  he replied to a hater.

The interaction caused the rapper to fire off a series of tweets to say his peace. "News Flash! I’m still Breastfeeding! Every chance I can."

- Ice-T

"Lol. When it’s all said and done I guess I’ll be known as a T***y Lover... I can live with that."