Snoop Dogg’s personal blunt roller, Renagade PerRana, revealed the crazy number of blunts the West Coast rapper smokes per day.

PerRana said that she’s rolled over 450,000 thousand blunts for Snoop and he does about 75 to 150 daily.

She explained that Snoop never leaves his home for outings or events without having a “trusty blunt” in hand.

PerRana’s estimate aligns with Snoop’s previous reveal to Twitter fans in 2013 that he smokes around 81 joints daily.

During another recent interview with “The Review podcast,” PerRana shared how she landed the job.

She explained that she had to defeat two other candidates in a blunt “roll-off” competition.

Snoop first revealed he’d hired a personal blunt roller during an interview with Howard Stern in 2019.

He also praised his roller’s skills, saying that he knows exactly when he needs a smoke break.

He later tweeted that he’d increased his roller’s salary from the previous range of $40,000/$50,000 annually, citing inflation.