Where in the world has Hoda Kotb been?

That seems to be the question on “Today” show and “Today with Hoda & Jenna” viewer’s minds.

The co-anchor has been missing from the morning news program for over a week, and her fans are growing more concerned with every passing day.

They’ve taken to social media to express their fears and send their well wishes.

One worried viewer wrote, “When will you be back??”

“We miss you… everything seems so secretive, hope everything is good,” another wrote.

“Where is Hoda Kotb why she out for almost 2 weeks. Please someone tell us if everything is ok? Or is she on vacation?” this viewer asked.

It’s unclear why Hoda has been absent for multiple days in a row.

None of her co-anchors have touched on the reason behind her absence, they’ve just said “Hoda is out today.”