Hilary Swank, who is expecting twins with her husband, Philip Schneider, shared a picture of her stomach on her page.

The actress dressed casually and posed sideways in her kitchen, putting the size of her bump on display.

She referred to her belly as an oven, and that dough was beginning to rise, leading fans to believe that she was due soon.

Fans responded by complimenting her and the buns in her oven.

Earlier, she showed that she did not plan to quit working out in the gym even while heavily pregnant.

The clip showed Swank engaged in some arm workouts as music played in the background.

Gerald Butler recalled on "The Drew Barrymore Show" about the time he almost killed the 48-year-old.

He told the host that it happened on the set of the film "P. S. I Love You" when he mistakenly slashed her forehead.

The actor noted that he blamed himself and cried alone after they took her to the hospital.