Jane Lynch is getting the last laugh.

Now, Lynch has announced she will also be exiting the show much sooner than expected.

Lynch has been part of the ‘FG’ production since it opened on Broadway on April 24th.

Her last performance as Mrs. Brice will be on August 14th.

The actress had a pre-planned vacation that runs from August 15 – August 23. On September 1, she will attend the Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

Rather than going back and forth between Los Angeles and New York City, Lynch decided it would be best if she called it day on August 14.

“I have a vacation August 14th, and then I had just like five shows after that, and it’s a six-hour flight, so I thought, ‘let’s end it now,’” she explained.

Lea Michele will take on the role of Fanny Brice starting September 6.

“It has nothing to do with not wanting to see Lea. I text with Lea. She and I are fine. I’m thrilled for her,” Jane explained.