Heidi D’Amelio and her daughter Charli D’Amelio will be competing against each other in the dance reality show.

Heidi revealed that her daughter stopped her from leaving the show after she made plans to quit.

Rehearsals stressed Heidi out so much that she almost broke down in tears many times.

Because of how hard it was to keep going, she started doubting herself, which affected her self-esteem.

However, Charli, who has danced for over 10 years, understood her mom and encouraged her.

She explained that her mom was anxious because she hadn’t danced in front of that many people before.

Heidi also thanked Dixie D’Amelio, her 21-year-old daughter, for her “super” emotional support.

The D’Amelios broke the “DWTS” record for being the first family members to compete against each other on the show.

Charli earned the highest score on the premiere night with 32/40, while Heidi scored 24/40.