HBO is doubling down that “Euphoria” does NOT foster toxic work environment.

However, new claims from background actors on the set insinuate it was highly toxic.

The Daily Beast was the first to report on the toxicity on the set of “Euphoria” season two.

There were claims that workdays would last 18 hours, and several complaints were made to SAG-AFTRA.

Multiple set workers said they wouldn’t return to another season of “Euphoria” unless major changes were implemented.

One anonymous background actor said,”It just very much felt like we didn't exist as people."

Another background actor added “Euphoria” was the “most disorganized set” they’d ever

"It felt toxic to me because I don't think anybody was really happy to be there,” they added.

An HBO spokesperson released a statement saying they prioritized the well-being of the cast and crew while remaining in full compliance with COVID safety guidelines and protocols.