Few years back, Harry Styles and Stevie Nicks took their friendship public, and it has grown into one of the most beautiful unions ever formed in the history of musical stars.

The pair have not only become very close friends, but they often perform at show together.

In Styles’ music video for his single titled “Falling,” fans noticed he had on a beautiful pink ring. In a later statement, Nicks disclosed to her fans that she gave the singer the ring as a gift.

Although Nicks and Styles share an uncanny bond, the former believes that the latter is her type when it comes to her dating spec.

She also explained that she has not fallen in love with anyone for a very long time, and that’s because she would never sit at a bar and wait for a man to walk up to her, neither would she register on a dating app.

Nicks had the honor of getting inducted into the Rock n Roll hall of fame twice; in 1998 and 2019 respectively.

To prove how special her bond with Styles has become, the female artist asked Styles to announce the award and acknowledge her fans, which he did beautifully.

During the pandemic, Nicks reached out to her fans worldwide, asking them to remain indoors, and keep the virus from spreading uncontrollably.

She also disclosed that one of Styles’ songs, has kept her going at home, and given her the inspiration to continue writing beautiful songs.