Olivia Wilde is preparing to showcase her new movie, “Don’t Worry Darling,” at the 79th Venice Film Festival.

The film festival will run from August 31 through September 10. This is Wilde’s second feature film where she’s served as director.

Not only does she direct the film, she stars in the film as well.

And you know what else? She bagged a hot, young boyfriend from the film as well. One Harry Styles to be exact.

The couple reportedly expressed major PDA on the set of ‘DWD’ which ruffled some cast members feathers.

Florence Pugh supposedly didn’t like that Olivia was getting flirty and close to Harry given she was still engaged to Jason Sudeikis.

An on-set insider is now saying the claims of Olivia and Harry being “all over each other” on set are not true.

“Olivia was super professional — both she and Harry were,” the source revealed.

“We were filming the movie at the height of COVID,” they explained. “Everyone had a job to do and we were focused on that. I certainly didn’t see Harry and Olivia all over each other!”