Halsey rang in the New Year with a collection of pictures and videos in a series of Instagram posts.

 Earlier in 2021, Halsey declared a change in pronouns, feeling authentic with both, she and they.

They maintained their gender fluidity, refusing to label it as non-binary, simply going with what they felt most comfortable with.

This continued through their pregnancy and even after they gave birth to their son, Ender Riley with baby daddy Alev Aydin.

In their first post, Halsey shared a series of pictures that made 2021 important for them, including that of baby Ender.

Then they rang in the New Year in style, wearing a black dress that left little to the imagination and made them look stunning.

Finally, their last post was a montage of clips of baby Ender Riley, looking as cute as a button.

Fans were thrilled to have a glimpse of baby Ender who seems like the happiest baby in the world.

Halsey cannot wait to have a whole year with Ender, enjoying motherhood to the fullest.