Halsey is a much busier woman these days with little time to spare on unimportant things.

The artist who goes by she/they pronouns gave birth to her first child earlier this year as well as dropped her fourth studio album.

In an interview with Billboard on Thursday, October 21, Halsey opened up about her thoughts on her new album being recognized by the Grammys.

Halsey dropped “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power” earlier this year and released a film of the same name as well.

When asked by Billboard if they cared about getting recognition from the Recording Academy for this particular album, Halsey replied, "I think... (Pauses.) I don't care."

They explained, “The most important thing to me is that it continues to have a life and continues to grow and burns and burrows slowly with the audience instead of coming in fast and burning out just as fast, like most records seem to do these days.”

Longevity can’t be manufactured,” Halsey added.

They added that when the music and art become more about recognition than the work itself, it stunts a musicians ability to produce their “best work.”

But Halsey hasn’t lost all hope for a possible Grammy nod. "But should the album be recognized for what it is — which is a singular piece of art and a once-in-a-generation collaboration between very different artists and very similar people? I think that would be nice,” Halsey said.