Hailey Bieber is one of the world’s most successful supermodels who has walked for big fashion brands such as Versace and Tommy Hilfiger.

She recently opened up about her relationship with red flags and whether her husband, Justin Bieber, showed any.

She opened up on The Ellen DeGeneres show to Yvonne Orji when the two women played a game of Red Flag.

When the scenario of a partner never having had therapy came up, Bieber stated that although she supports it, she understands that it’s not accessible to everyone.

In an interview with Elle, Bieber revealed that she and her husband go to therapy and that, along with faith, has helped them.

Another scenario was if a partner had never had a serious relationship and Bieber didn’t raise a flag.

She explained that her first serious relationship was with Justin, so she doesn’t think it’s a red flag.

In a podcast interview in September 2021, Bieber spoke about her marriage and commitment to Justin.

She explained to the hosts that she and Justin had gone through a lot as a couple, and she was determined to stick by him, no matter what.