Ellen Pompeo (Meredith) and Patrick Dempsey (Derek) started off a complicated relationship at the beginning of “Grey’s Anatomy,” and this was followed by many months of instability that sometimes three fans off.

However, the pair quickly became one of the most loved couple on the show, and their romance became a yardstick for other relationships on the show. From the ‘Pick me, choose me’ confession, to the elevator proposal, viewers termed this pair ‘goals.’

Then there was the beautiful Post-It wedding, that explained to viewers that despite the absence of chandeliers and wedding accessories, this couple were able to create such a beautiful moment that caused fans to tear up.

Despite being an unconventional way to get hitched, this scene that featured Derek and Meredith became one of the highlights of the show.

For those who may not know, the Post-It wedding was simply a personal formality between the lovers, as they were later legally married at City Hall.

Calling the ‘Merder’ union the best on the show is not an overstatement, in fact, they helped viewers realise that relationships cannot be perfect, but with the right person, it’s like feeling a sweet relief after a bitter experience.

It was glaring throughout the series that Meredith and Derek had contrasting personalities and ideologies. However, they were able to manage each other, and make up for lacks in each other’s lives.

The ‘Merder’ relationship was initially termed an affair because Derek left out the part where he was a married man when he was taking Meredith home for a one night stand.

The hurt and pain that the duo experienced during that time when the truth was finally out made it clear that they did not always thread rosy paths. But the beauty of it all, is that they always managed to sort through their problems.