Season four of “Temptation Island” has officially come to an end.

Most of the couples who came to ‘TI’ looking for relationship guidance, found what they needed and went home single.

Gillian Lieberman & Edgar De Santiago’s relationship was doomed from the moment they walked onto “Temptation Island.”

Both Gillian and Edgar struck up relationships during their time on the island.

On Monday, May 30, Gillian took to her Instagram Story and shared an update on her relationship status with Edgar.

A fan wrote in to Gillian and asked, “Have you seen Edgar since the reunion?”

“I have not seen Edgar since the reunion,” she admitted. “I saw him at the reunion in February in LA and after that we’ve texted here and there just about the show, checking in, but no.”

Gillian continued to explain whether or not she thinks a relationship with Edgar is even possible at this point.

“I think Edgar and I can definitely stay friends in a new relationship. I think we honestly work better as friends,” she said. “We’re definitely meant to be friends.”