Gigi Hadid is reportedly unsure what to do for the holidays now that she and Zayn Malik are broken up.

The former couple share a one-year-old daughter together, so that complicates things.

The couple welcomed Khai last September and spent their first holiday season together as a family of three.

Now that they are broken up due to the physical fight Zayn and Yolanda Hadid got into, Gigi is not sure what to do.

A source told Hollywoodlife, “With everything going on, Gigi knows the holidays won’t be the same this year as they were last.”

“Gigi loved celebrating with her whole family together, Zayn included. But now that they’ve split, she doesn’t know exactly how that will look.”

While Gigi has no plans to keep Khai away from her father, she’s unsure of how their first holidays apart will look.

She reportedly wants to spend at least Thanksgiving with her mom and siblings.

The source added: “She’s planning on celebrating Thanksgiving with her mom at the Pennsylvania farm, Bella and Anwar plan on being there too.”