Gal Gadot has been livening up the life of her fans on Instagram by letting them in on some secrets.

Fans are pleased but want more from this private Israeli star who is all set to portray Egyptian queen, Cleopatra.

While Gadot keeps a low profile, she still came under fire last year, first for her “Imagine” video and then for her role in and as “Cleopatra”.

While Gadot addressed the song, saying it came from “pure intentions” but could have been in “poor taste”, she is unapologetic about the movie.

The “Wonder Woman” star believes it’s high time Cleopatra was portrayed as the smart woman she was, instead of always being talked about as beautiful.

In a recent interview, Gal Gadot also did the “Badass Questionnaire” that she has now posted on Instagram.

In it, she answered questions about her favorite word in Hebrew “sababa, meaning cool” and that her favorite American fast food was “mac n cheese”.

But fans want more from her, asking her to interact with them directly, and share her life with them a little more.

Meanwhile, Gal Gadot also said that had she not been in the entertainment industry, she would have been a lawyer, or a doula.