Gal Gadot may be the heroine of ‘Wonder Woman’ but in real life, the star might have been left in a lurch.

It seems her Lasso of Truth did not work as she recently posted a sweet message celebrating ‘Wonder Woman.’

In the post, on Instagram and Twitter, Gadot mentioned how she was very excited about “her next chapter.”

In a surprising twist of events, media outlets broke the story that DC has turned down Patty Jenkin’s script for ‘Wonder Woman 3.’

Is that the end of ‘Wonder Woman’ itself, or do they want to get a new director?

Could it be that DC Studios want a new ‘Wonder Woman’ sans Gal Gadot

Nothing can be said for sure and while we have not heard further from Gal gadot or Patty Jenkins, DC’s new co-CEO, James Gunn did send out a few Tweets.

Apparently, the new direction for DC is still ongoing and for now, Gunn isn’t sure about it all.

But he’s okay with not pleasing everyone, and moving in a direction that’s best for DC. So where does that leave Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman?