Gabby Petito’s parents are not happy with the way their late daughter was portrayed by Brian Laundrie.

The 23-year-old admitted to killing his fiancée in a notebook entry that was found near his body last fall.

The contents of the notebook were made public last week, and his tale of WHY he had to kill Gabby is harrowing.

According to the murderous Florida native, Gabby had injured herself badly, so much so that she couldn’t walk.

He said he had to kill her because it was the ‘merciful’ thing to do.

“I am ending my life not because of a fear of punishment but rather because I can’t stand to live another day without her,” Brian reportedly wrote.

In the wake of his journal being made public, Gabby’s mother, Nichole Schmidt, shared rather blunt message about narcissists.

Schmidt shared a quote which read: “Narcissists rewrite history to escape accountability. You are not crazy.”

Gabby’s father, Joseph Petito, shared it as well on Twitter writing, “#narcissist #thetruthwillberevealed #selfish #wewontstop #justiceforgabby #keepgoing #cowards.”