Gabby Petito’s families were just granted a trial by a Florida circuit judge.

This is HUGE news for the families who are suing Brian Laundrie’s parents, Chris and Roberta Laundrie.

On Thursday, June 30, Judge Hunter Carroll handed down some news the Laundries were hoping wouldn’t become their reality.

The Petito-Schmidt families are suing Brian’s parents for knowing more about Gabby’s whereabouts than they let on and for taking Brian on a trip after he murdered their daughter in an attempt to flee the country.

The suit also alleges the Laundrie family intentionally ignored the Petito-Schmidt familie’s pleas for help.

Roberta Laundrie went as far as to BLOCK Gabby’s mom on social media and her phone number.

He called the Laundrie’s actions of blocking contact to the Petito-Schmidt’s “particularly callous and cruel.”

He found the Laundrie’s claim of exercising their 5th amendment right to remain silent to be NOT true.

Judge Carroll referred to the Laundrie’s September 14, 2021 statement they gave regarding Gabby’s body being discovered.