Gabby Petito’s parents have scored yet another legal win!

The lawyer who formerly represented Brian Laundrie’s parents, Chris and Roberta Laundrie, can be added to a lawsuit filed by Joseph Petito and Nichole Schmidt.

A Florida judge recently approved a request by Petito and Schmidt to add Steven Bertolino to their lawsuit against the Laundries.

The lawsuit was filed by Gabby’s parents earlier this year and it alleges the Laundries knew more about her death and that their son, Brian, killed her.

The lawsuit also alleges the Laundries knew where her body was hidden, but refused to speak and that they were helping Brian arrange a way to flee the country.

Bertolino’s September 14, 2021, statement on behalf of the Laundries is a vital piece of evidence at the heart of Petito and Schmidt’s lawsuit.

The statement he shared expressed hope that Gabby would be found alive and reunited with her parents.

The statement was made five days before Gabby’s body was found in Grand Teton National Park.

Petito and Schmidt’s lawyer, Pat Reilly, told WFLA, “It is believed that at the time the September 14, 2021 statement was issued, the Laundries and Steven Bertolino knew that Gabby Petito was deceased.”