Gabby Petito’s father is speaking out on Twitter after Brian Laundrie admitted to killing his fiancée in his notebook.

On Monday, January 24, Joe tweeted out a message about abusers and their victims.

The message read, “You never owe your abusers anonymity. If the truth of their actions destroys their career, reputation, or relationships, that was their doing entirely.”

He captioned the tweet, “That is who should hold the shame, not their victim.”

“We have to support and make changes on how we educate our youth to know this,” it continued.

Two days prior he posted about turning pain into power.

The message read, “What’s your gift, he asked. I transform pain into power, she said.”

These posts come hot off the heels of the FBI’s discovery that Laundrie admitted to killing Gabby.

Brian Laundrie was 100% a GUILTY man.