G Flip celebrated International Women's Day by sharing a heartfelt message on Instagram about their girlfriend, Chrishell Stause.

The message was accompanied by a photo from the video shoot where they first met.

G Flip described Stause as a beautiful, boss, caring, and loving woman with a high tolerance to pain.

The musician highlighted that she had loved them proudly and unconditionally, disregarding outside opinions.

The couple spent Christmas in Australia, and Stause shared intimate moments of the trip on Instagram.

Their activities included partying, visiting a koala sanctuary, and sightseeing.

The couple surprised fans with a cameo appearance as themselves in the season three finale of Showtime's "The L Word: Generation Q."

During the scene, G Flip's character revealed that their engaged lesbian friend had a penchant for public sex.

The couple celebrated the episode with the show's cast and fans, as seen in additional photos shared on Instagram.