French Montana called 50 Cent the “biggest genius” for picking random fights with celebs to get the public’s attention on his songs.

Montana gave him credit for inspiring other artists to market their songs in the same way.

Montana once fell out with 50 Cent following a comment the hip-hop icon made about an old Bugatti model he bought.

They made up, as Montana called a truce after 50 Cent produced and sang the theme song for the 2021 crime series “ BMF.”

50 Cent accepted his offer to put their feud behind them in a response he shared on Instagram.

Montana recently narrowly escaped a shooting at a Miami restaurant on January 5th, which hurt up to 10 people.

Montana took to Twitter to explain what happened and prayed for the victims.

A Miami Gardens cop confirmed that nobody died in the shootout and that some victims were still being treated.

The restaurant is strongly against bringing guns in as a sign.