Mandy Rose revealed she made $500k in just a week from posting sexual content on FanTime.

Rose was recently fired due to the racy content, which WWE has banned all its sports stars from participating in.

Her agent, Malki Kawa, predicted to TMZ, that the former WWE star will be a self-made millionaire by Christmas.

Before being fired, Rose competed on the NXT roster and held the women’s NXT champion title for over 400 days.

She lost her crown to newbie wrestling star Roxanne Perez the day before being fired by the WWE.

Reports on her firing suggested that WWE felt they had “absolutely no choice” due to the “explicit nature” of her content on FanTime.

Her former Absolution partner Saraya, took to social media to show her support and react to the news.

Former WWE CEO Vince McCahon was instrumental in banning wrestlers from using their names and likeness on third-party platforms.

In the statement released by the company, WWE explained the ban as a method to protect its intellectual property.