Bobby Moynihan left the NBC comedy series Saturday Night Live in 2017 after a whole decade.

During his time on the show, the star made impressions of Danny DeVito in two 2015 episodes.

While many fans believed the imitation should've been flattering, DeVito didn't take it very lightly

He remembered being pounced on by the actor and producer DeVito following one of the episodes.

He thought DeVito was going to beat him up, but the attack was just him joking around.

One of the jokes was about his Star Wars audition, and the other about his Nespresso skit.

DeVito admitted that he thought of himself as having very contradicting personalities.

He admitted to being a very emotional person and recalled crying while watching the Oscar-nominated drama "CODA."

He also likes to tease people playfully, as he did with Moynihan and it is a trait Jersey people have.