U.S. District Court Judge Cecilia Altonaga rejected a lawsuit from Florida taxpayers.

Residents in Osceola County filed a lawsuit against Governor Ron DeSantis.

Last month, DeSantis signed a bill to revoke Disney’s special district status.

Taxpayers are concerned that they will be left on the hook for a billion in Disney bond debt.

The special district status makes Disney responsible for road conditions and essential services.

If the special status is stripped, taxpayers may become responsible for that burden in higher tax rates.

They alleged that DeSantis punished Disney for criticizing Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

“They allege what is in essence a First Amendment retaliation claim on Disney’s behalf,” the judge wrote in her dismissal.

She wrote, “And First Amendment retaliation claims do not qualify for watered-down third-party standing standards.”