Farrah Abraham is receiving a heaping, fresh load of criticism.

The former “Teen Mom” star is being accused of animal cruelty and disrespect after she allowed her miniature horse to be painted on.

She shared an image of her horse, Starburst, with hearts, dragonflies and other sketches all over her blonde mane.

“Starburst hosted her first birthday party! We’re so proud of this birthday wish come true!” she wrote alongside the photo.

Farrah continued, “Starburst let the kiddos paint unicorn designs, pet and feed her!”

“I can’t believe that no one has reported this that lives in the area. This is animal cruelty,” on person responded.

“This is awful. This is NOT cute, that poor horse,” another wrote.

Reps for Farrah said that the reality TV star and her family along with the professionals who watch Starburst “do not condone animal abuse or neglect.”

Per her reps, Starburst is “beyond well taken care of.”