Paige Niemann recently came under fire for opening an OnlyFans account that featured images of herself cosplaying as Ariana Grande.

The TikTok influencer first gained popularity by cosplaying as the award-winning pop star on the social media platform.

Neimann was spotted donning Grande's distinctive high ponytails, brow shape, and winged liner in the bio of the OnlyFans account.

"She does her makeup in order to look like [Ariana Grande] + photoshop to get a more accurate result," one fan reacted.

"She literally is trying to be Ariana…. it's weird & not okay," another fan said.

Grande has previously called out her impersonators.

Ariana expressed her distaste for the fictitious portrayals of her, labeling it as "degrading."

Niemann stated per Buzz Feed, that she is no longer a fan of Grande and that she knows the singer has been “shading” her.

"I'm just here to entertain people," she added.