Fans are abuzz with reactions over Cardi B's debut as Playboy's first-ever Creative Director.

On December 2, the rapper tweeted her excitement and anticipation for "everything that is coming."

Fans praised Cardi B's multi-talented nature while others hoped she hinted at an album release.

A supporter commented that the hardworking "Hustlers" actress deserves the title "MORE THAN ANYONE EVER."

A stan bragged that "no female rapper works as hard as Cardi B."

Atlantic Records also tweeted that the Grammy winner was a literal legend.

Cardi B is the Creative Director and co-founder of Playboy's newest platform, Centerfold.

The "Press" rapper said she had had a life-long connection with Playboy.

Ben Kohn called Cardi B a creative genius and an embodiment of the Playboy brand.