Kim Kardashian isn’t fooling anyone.

The SKIMs creator recently shared a video of herself promoting Beyond Meat vegan nuggets.

In the video she says, “As a busy mom, I’m always looking for quick and easy options to feed my family that are both healthy and delicious.”

The video continues, “My current go to for a quick meal is to put beyond chicken nuggets in an air fryer.”

Kim’s comments section on the paid promotion was flooded with negative backlash.

Many were quick to call Kim out for acting like she actually cooks for her kids when a vast majority of her fanbase know she has a personal chef do the cooking.

“As a busy mom… I hire a chef and a nanny… multiple actually and then pretend like I feed them with these nuggets,” one person quipped.

“Kim please you have a full time chef…. Leave the nugget commercials to the D list reality stars 😂,” another wrote.

Another simply begged the question, “Why are you doing this s**t?”