Erika Jayne

Gets Plenty Of Hate For Posting Risqué Pic Instagram Classy photo with some nasty comments.

The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star is still entertaining her fans and angering her haters as she deals with her husband's legal drama.

She shared a classy NSFW photo where she wore lots of chains and not much else. She looked fabulous, but a segment of her followers lashed out at her for her lavish lifestyle.


“Give the money back,” one of the users commented, while another wrote, "I hope you are naked because you gave all your fancy clothes to the real victims!!"

Her estranged husband, Tom Girardi, was sued for allegedly receiving a huge payout by representing victims of a plane crash. However, they claim they never got the full amount.

Jayne is a defendant in the suit because the victim's family believes Girardi diverted their money to help fund her lavish lifestyle.

Many fans are taking to social media to shame the Housewife.

“YOU REALLY DON’T GET IT, DO YOU?" an angry follower wrote.

Jayne seems relatively unbothered by all the hate... at least on social media, but she did have to move out of her mansion to a much more modest home.