Emma Stone was annoyed at her ex-boyfriend when he lied to her recently.

Andrew Garfield said on the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast that he wasn’t being honest to Stone when she asked her about “No Way Home."

He said, “Emma kept on texting me and she was like, 'Are you in this new Spider-Man film? And I was like, 'I don't know what you're talking about.”

Garfield added, "She was like, 'Shut up, just tell me.' I was like, 'I honestly don't even know what you're...' I kept it cone [of silence] even with her, it was hilarious.”

Garfield reprised his role alongside fellow Spider-Man stars Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland in the recent film.

According to Garfield, Stone called him “a jerk” after watching the movie.

Garfield and Stone were co-stars on “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

The actress played Gwen Stacy — Spider-Man’s love interest.

The couple dated for over four years, but broke up in 2015, but they remained amicable.