Podcast shows and interviews were hosted beforehand that hinted on a possible collaboration between Ed Sheeran and Elton John.

Apparently, John reached out to Sheeran to record a Christmas song together.

John was drenched in nostalgia when his 1973 Christmas song charted no. 6 on the UK Top 10 charts.

John revealed he was taken aback when an interviewer asked him about his collaboration with Ed Sheeran.

Knowing that Sheeran had snitched, he had no choice but to confirm that they were doing a Christmas song together.

John is married to David Furnish, and has two kids from surrogate mothers.

Sheeran married a friend and former high school classmate in 2019, and the pair have one child.

Sheeran didn't want to record a Christmas song, because it was not his type of song style.

However, the death of his close friend changed his mind and he decided to record one with John.