Stephen “twitch” Boss is gone, but will never be forgotten.

In the wake of his passing, “The Ellen Show” is reflecting on his bright personality.

The official Instagram account for the TV show shared a heartwarming throwback Thursday post in honor of their fallen DJ.

In the video, tWitch is meeting a young fan named ZaZa.

Our next guest is 40 pounds of cuteness. I saw her on Instagram this summer, and I had to meet her. I wasn’t sure if she’d know me, but apparently, she does,” tWitch says in the video.

The video cuts to ZaZa being told that she will fly from Kentucky to Los Angeles to be on “The Ellen Show” and meet her idol!

The little girl came onto the ‘Ellen Show’ set with all of the spit-and-vinegar a four-year-old body can contain.

“I love your dance moves,” ZaZa tells tWitch.

tWitch didn’t miss a beat throughout the course of the video. It showed what a genuinely upbeat and bright person he was.