Elle Fanning returned to Instagram and shared several throwback snaps.

Elle wrote in the caption: “I have watched many make your acquaintance. And without fail, they leave sporting the same mystified expression.”

The “Maleficent” star added: “First, transfixed by your doll eyes then captured by the wisdom they hold. You disarm with biting humor, but can slay (if needed) with keen intelligence and an uncanny ability to win all arguments.”

She added: “They all want to be wrapped in your pink glow and once in, your loyalty is forever. I get to smile extra though, knowing I’m the luckiest of the bunch. Because you are my sister.”

Elle ended her message by writing: “Essentially Dakota is the perfect person and she is ALL MINE!!!!! You’ll never see bluer eyes or bluer veins.🫀I love you. HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY! 🧝🏻‍♀️ @dakotafanning.”

As of this writing, the post accrued more than 600,000 likes and upward of 1,500 notes.

A fan commented: “This is so beautiful and spot on!!! Happy birthday beautiful @dakotafanning.”

Dakota responded to Elle’s share, by writing in the comments: “I love you more than anything! Thank you. My perfect sister!!!!!!!!!”