Elizabeth Olsen recently spoke about her filming experience and said it’s sometimes very “silly” to film scenes in Marvel movies.

Olsen mentioned a scene in which Maximoff attempts to remove the Mind Stone as she fights off Thanos.

The “Wind River” actress used her hands to demonstrate how the filming movements were silly.

In an interview, Olsen revealed that being an MCU actress made her pass on several acting roles she wanted to do.

Olsen also shared that she eventually felt frustrated by the opportunities she’d had to give up.

During her interview with The New York Times, Olsen also spoke about her future as Maximoff/ Scarlett Witch.

The actress revealed that she’d be down to do a standalone Scarlett Witch film but gave no hints about whether it’s a real possibility.

At a recent Variety event, Olsen expressed pleasant surprise when she heard Hugh Jackson is reprising his role as Wolverine.

She also said that she’d like Scarlett Witch to collaborate with more X-Men characters in the future.