“Temptation Island” is proving to be quite game changer for Edgar De Santiago and Gillian Lieberman’s relationship.

Fans got a look at Gillian and Tommy Soltis taking a BIG step in their budding relationship.

Gillian finally admitted that she hasn’t been honest with Edgar about her feelings.

I feel like I’ve been dishonest with myself and in turn dishonest with Edgar,” Gillian said.

Gillian confessed she’s not sure if she wants a future with Edgar.

Edgar got a first glimpse Gillian and Tommy’s relationship leaving the “friend zone” and entering a more dangerous, sexual territory

“Gillian, what the f**k. If you’re not in this, why the f**k did you drag me all this way,” he said during a confessional.

“If you don’t love me, then leave me alone. Leave me the f**k alone,” he said.

It struck some sort of chord with Gillian, because she responded, “I hate that he’s in so much pain. He’s hurting. I feel guilty.”