Eddie Murphy won big at tonight’s Golden Globe Awards.

The veteran actor and comedian took home the Cecil B. DeMille award.

The award has been handed out since 1952 and is “presented to a talented individual for their outstand contributions to the world of entertainment.”

During his acceptance speech, Murphy went through a long list of family members, friends, managers, directors, producers and more.

However, he offered his three cents to the up-and-coming actors and Hollywood dreamers.

Murphy urged all young actors grinding it out to: 1. “Pay your taxes.” 2. “Mind your business.” 3. “KEEP WILL SMITH’S NAME OUT YOUR F**KING MOUTH!”

He got a massive round of applause and standing ovation from all his peers.

Obviously, this “joke” was a blatant dig at Smith’s outlandish behavior at the 2022 Academy Awards.

He stormed the stage and slapped Chris Rock square across the face.